About Bowls of Light

What are Bowls of Light?

Everyone is born with a Light within. It is up to you to let this Light shine into Life.
Bowls of Light add an extra element to this Life. 

Each Bowl has a single or a small group of Light Beings associated with it. These are etherial beings, whom you
cannot see but you may be able to feel or notice when unexplained supporting
things happen that are very coincidental. I see various Light Beings between the layers of the material and
ethereal world and enjoy working with them by translating their vibration into Color. 

They remind you of your Light. The reason why you are here, why you are unique and that's exactly
what is needed on our beautiful planet.

The Bowls are made with a specific color combination. I speak the language of Colour.
Every color has a vibration and an effect on us as humans. For example, think about a painting in certain colors
that can move you, or your favorite sweater or lipstick color. Colors give a feeling because they touch something
inside. And every Bowl is made to do just that. To move you, so that you understand even more how
valuable you are and so you dare to shine your light the brightest you can. 

There are many who have already established the effect of Color on paper, but my experience is that this differs for everyone.
The same shade of green can trigger something completely different in two different people. This also has a lot to do with
your journey in Life and where you have arrived at that moment. By attuning to your energy, I can precisely
sense which color is the right one. A certain shade is never just a shade. 

In this round shape of the Bowl, in collaboration with Nature and its Beings, made with my
loving Light, I give growth to your Being. Hold the Bowl, burn a candle in it or put her
in a beautiful place in the house. Be welcome in your own Light.

Kristal Kom op houten ondergrond met witte droogbloemen.
Kristal Kom