About Lichtjes Keramiek

Hi! I'm Inge, welcome to Lichtjes Keramiek. My company that continuously changes with me. I started in 2015 in clay and have since participated in many courses and gained a lot of knowledge. My focus is now on making creations that allow you to fully enjoy life. With my ceramics I would like to help you create extra valuable Life moments for yourself. 

I have a lot of love for our planet and therefore try to (re)use as many raw materials as possible (with your help!) en natuurlijke materialen om mij heen te verzamelen. Werken met materialen afkomstig uit afval of rechtstreeks uit de natuur (met mate om de kringloop niet te verstoren) zorgt ervoor dat ik bewuster met deze materialen omga. Na diverse studies gevolgd te hebben over het ontwikkelen van glazuren m.b.v. materialen die standaard te koop zijn (veelal afkomstig uit mijnen), voel ik nu een andere verbinding met mijn werk. Het zelf verzamelen en klaarmaken van de materialen, de vele testjes die ik ermee doe om een veilig glazuur te ontwikkelen, maakt mijn werk nog unieker en nog meer passend bij mij. 

I also try to apply the most sustainable option during all processes around it. For example, I use solar energy to heat my oven, all my packaging materials are recycled and/or biodegradable, I am affiliated with a sustainable bank and I grow my own organic dried flowers that are sent with every package. In this way my work gets an extra connection with the Earth from all aspects and I put the least burden on her.

In addition, my work also has a deeper connection. I connect it in Light and Color, what we are all made of. I have contact with various Light Beings linked to our Earth and its nature, and I understand almost the entire spectrum of Color and the associated vibrations. Each product that appears here on the site is available in specific colors, matching the energy that I want to convey with each product. You can read more about this under the heading Bowls of Light . Nothing is just a color, but always connected to more.

Take a look at my webshop. Here you will find all kinds of workpieces with a deep Earthly connection, in order to experience loving moments for yourself, as a human being. Enjoying life here on our beautiful planet, as only we humans can. I would like to convey that, in my own way.

I love to stimulate your sense of wonder, so that you can consciously be here.
Be very welcome.

Love Inge

Beker van grijze klei, behandeld met zand en diverse glazuren.